Have Your Cake And Diet Too!

On day 5 of my honey diet i created. Ill keep posting because it will keep me accountable. :-).
My weight is going down and my skin is so much better. Ill be turning 60 this June. So not wanting to see 60. I know its in my mind but I’m sure after my meltdown. I will rock on!


2 thoughts on “Have Your Cake And Diet Too!

    • Hi
      I’m writing an e-book on it. It’s simple, you do need sweets to do this. It has a few questions to answer to figure what diet you need for you. If you can count to 4 you got it made. No special cooking, regular food. I found out you can have your cake and diet too! lol The name my book is going to be. If your really interested or know of someone who is, I will be needing people giving there opinion of the diet.
      Take care Thanks for your interest

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