First Week On My Diet

Ok I survived my first week.  Was easy think I was kind of hungry one time. I could of lost little more got to drink water. Not much of a water person but I do know more you drink it does go with dieting.  lol My pants are a tad looser. My face looks clearer. Of course I think Sand Blasting is a faster way to go. My face that is…But thats another story.  Ok will get back to you guys…oh lucky you!!!  oops forgot Duh Lost 4 1/2 pounds.


2 thoughts on “First Week On My Diet

  1. Dieting can be a life-long experience. I have been battling a natural tendency toward fat for most of my adult life. Tried everything under the sun. Have somehow managed to stay healthy even if often a little overweight. I am 74 now and fit as a fiddle and athletically active for the most part. I know the struggle can be up and down and frustrating at times, but the idea is to keep on keepin’ on and good luck to you on your journeys.

    • Staying healthy is a chore all by itself. Laughter is our best medicine. I think if we enjoy each day that is given us and keep that childlike wonder we had in the things around us. Like when I started to paint. Before I saw a tree now see sap green, ochre, yellow etc. Now there is depth in that one object.

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