Code of Honor

I read something that really made me think and am going to do. It’s called Code of Honor. It helps turn people into champions. It is a set of rules that you are unwilling to compromise in all areas of your life that are important to you, like your health, business, money etc. ex: never give up on yourself, be responsible for your own actions, never let your partner, teammate down etc. then share this with your partner or teammates. Every time you break this code they can call you on it. Bottom line is you have to be willing to call yourself on it or others to make yourself truly accountable. You will make mistakes but you learn to except responsibility for your actions. Not the excuses we come up with.
Bottom line is: if you cheat on you, the most important person of all, what would you do to your partner or teammates? Is that how you’d act under pressure?
I thought that was deep and hitting the soul. Have a great week!


2 thoughts on “Code of Honor

  1. This is really insightful! I HATE the feeling of “cheating on myself.” I hate letting myself down. I think the Code of Honor sounds like a great idea, and something that would work well with a blog, too. Sharing with the world a promise you’re making to yourself seems like a great way to stay accountable, and to remind yourself of the goal. Awesome post. Thank you!

    • It is the voices in your head that tells you all the reasons to cheat on your diet. When you learn to be accountable for all you do it’s half the battle. Dieting is a mind game more than it’s about food.
      I’m learning as I go and if I can help one person have an aha moment that helps them get through the battle then it makes me that much stronger on my journey. Thanks for keeping me company on my journey!

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