Have Your Cake And Diet Too

Ok been awhile letting you know of my progress. Did I mess up? I will call it, allowed myself to have something. Lol I went to an Indian pow wow. I think your suppose to call it something different. But not sure what so forgive me. Anyways I had some indian fry bread tacos. Did I feel bad? Nope. It was something I haven’t had in years. Will not have in probably another year. Plus i did a lot of walking too. But i enjoyed it and just kept going on my diet. I would of felt bad eating something I could of ate everyday. I still felt in control because it was a conscious decision.
I found that my weight was going little up and down until I picked up my water intake. Not a water drinker. And you have to walk more. If you do not like to exercise than you need to walk fast for 20-30 min a day. It will get things moving inside and will help get rid of your waste and waist. Lol Take care of you!


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