My Goal

I’m so proud! My boyfriend and I went to Starbucks. He got ice tea and wanted to know what I wanted. I said nothing. He asked me few times. I said to myself my goal is more important than a sugar drink. I’m not going for instant gratification. I felt so much empowered then. I was in control. I’m more important! Happy, healthy Sunday!!


Have your cake and diet too

Ok was bad the other day. Even on an easy diet I cheated. I’ve learned a diet is a mental issue for sure But I did get back on track and now I’m lower than have been in years! That’s a great motivator. Wishing you all good health!

First Week On My Diet

Ok I survived my first week.  Was easy think I was kind of hungry one time. I could of lost little more got to drink water. Not much of a water person but I do know more you drink it does go with dieting.  lol My pants are a tad looser. My face looks clearer. Of course I think Sand Blasting is a faster way to go. My face that is…But thats another story.  Ok will get back to you guys…oh lucky you!!!  oops forgot Duh Lost 4 1/2 pounds.

Have Your Cake And Diet Too!

On day 5 of my honey diet i created. Ill keep posting because it will keep me accountable. :-).
My weight is going down and my skin is so much better. Ill be turning 60 this June. So not wanting to see 60. I know its in my mind but I’m sure after my meltdown. I will rock on!