Sperm Donor

Wow heard where they are trying to make sperm donor pay child support. Doesn’t seem right. Whats your opinion.



If you don’t think 5 pounds is not a good weight loss. When getting groceries pick up 5 pounds of sugar! Helps you feel good and it is a big deal! 😉

The Big Diet Questions

Ok so here it goes! Diet is a mental game! If your not ready to diet there is no diet out there that will work for you…right? So I have one for you. I want you to answer the simple W questions.
What-Ice Cream
When-before I go to sleep
Why???? I’m bored, angry,sad
At the end of those questions if you can honestly say this will solve your Why problems then eat it.

It’s Not What We Eat It’s Why We Eat…

“People are not lazy. Th…

“People are not lazy. They simply have important goals_that is, goals that do not inspire them” – Tony Robbins

Ok I survived my first week.  Was easy think I was kind of hungry one time. I could of lost little more got to drink water. Not much of a water person but I do know more you drink it does go with dieting.  lol My pants are a tad looser. My face looks clearer. Of course I think Sand Blasting is a faster way to go. My face that is…But thats another story.  Ok will get back to you guys…oh lucky you!!!