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Food for thought

Would you really dig into yesterday’s garbage to make tonight’s meal?
Do you dig into old mental garbage to create tomorrows experiences?

Think about it…..we all do the last one…such a waste of our lives.


Weight Loss

Ok Im so excited! Lost more and one more pound and Im down further than i can remember in many years! Im telling you just doing those few things has jumped my fat burning to the highest. Plus I have an under active thyroid. I take medication but for people have it they understand trying to lose weight. One more pound puts me in a whole new weight bracket!! (((Happy Dance))).
Telling you all helps keep me honest. 😉

Have Your Cake And Diet Too

Ok been awhile letting you know of my progress. Did I mess up? I will call it, allowed myself to have something. Lol I went to an Indian pow wow. I think your suppose to call it something different. But not sure what so forgive me. Anyways I had some indian fry bread tacos. Did I feel bad? Nope. It was something I haven’t had in years. Will not have in probably another year. Plus i did a lot of walking too. But i enjoyed it and just kept going on my diet. I would of felt bad eating something I could of ate everyday. I still felt in control because it was a conscious decision.
I found that my weight was going little up and down until I picked up my water intake. Not a water drinker. And you have to walk more. If you do not like to exercise than you need to walk fast for 20-30 min a day. It will get things moving inside and will help get rid of your waste and waist. Lol Take care of you!

Code of Honor

I read something that really made me think and am going to do. It’s called Code of Honor. It helps turn people into champions. It is a set of rules that you are unwilling to compromise in all areas of your life that are important to you, like your health, business, money etc. ex: never give up on yourself, be responsible for your own actions, never let your partner, teammate down etc. then share this with your partner or teammates. Every time you break this code they can call you on it. Bottom line is you have to be willing to call yourself on it or others to make yourself truly accountable. You will make mistakes but you learn to except responsibility for your actions. Not the excuses we come up with.
Bottom line is: if you cheat on you, the most important person of all, what would you do to your partner or teammates? Is that how you’d act under pressure?
I thought that was deep and hitting the soul. Have a great week!