Sperm Donor

Wow heard where they are trying to make sperm donor pay child support. Doesn’t seem right. Whats your opinion.


Food for thought

The only moment you ever live in is this moment. It’s the only time you have any control over. Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift, which is why we call it a present. 😉
Enjoy your present!

Weight Loss

Ok Im so excited! Lost more and one more pound and Im down further than i can remember in many years! Im telling you just doing those few things has jumped my fat burning to the highest. Plus I have an under active thyroid. I take medication but for people have it they understand trying to lose weight. One more pound puts me in a whole new weight bracket!! (((Happy Dance))).
Telling you all helps keep me honest. 😉

Weight Loss

Ok made it through holidays I’m down again. Its better not to beat yourself up if you cheat just pick yourself up and keep going. But main thing I learned is no carbs in evening except veggies. Protein at every meal. Drink your water but don’t over do. And Portions!!!!! If you do that your weight will drop like crazy!!! Enjoy my friends. Thanks for putting up with me. :-))